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Passionate for learning drum acoustics, AR Studio combines a stage, rock bands, drumsticks and the expert teacher who would give wings to your passion of learning drums. We have brought 3 monthly e-learning course organised through zoom live interactive sessions with our expert teachers as your guide. Even if you’re a fresher, worry not! We’ll help you getting mastered.

This course includes theoretical as well as practical lessons on how to play drums. Through this course, you’ll get familiar with the instrument with basic note values, playing basic beats, fills and rudiments. We’ll help you with both hand practice with bass and jazz as well. You’ll also learn eighth note and begin creating beats for any music till the end.


Our course is organized in 36 sessions, one to one doubt clearance session with expert reviews that help you to improve. The shrills-thrills and beats of drum is waiting your way home. Go through our course curriculum down.

View Course Curriculum

Flexibile Time Slot

Designed By Experts

Live Interactive Classes

Doubt Clearance With Personal Attention

Monthly Assessment  Through Expert Reviews

Course Statistics

  • COURSE DURATION – 3 months

  • NO. OF SESSIONS – 36 sessions, 12 in one month


  • TIME – time which is best suited to you, customize your own schedule

  • COURSE LEVEL – beginners guide (basic to intermediate to advance)

  • AGE – no age bars, inclusive to people of all age group

  • PRE-REQUISITES – your instrument, your mobile with active internet connection.

Rock Drummer
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